You are a perfect cross between Chloe and Dakota Fanning. An immaculate balance I must say <3

ugh u’re a way too damn kind i suppose ;__;

You're so cutely hot and I want to buy you a teddy bear, kiss your soft skin, fall asleep on your breasts and cook you pancakes in the morning. I know I sound like a creepy girl, but I'm not I sweeeeear ;₩;

omg this is such a lovely message ;o; i send you tiny kisses

I legit thought that first picture of Chloe was you

ily so much i wish i was that perf so badly

you look a lot like that chloe girl

i wish ;_; thaaaanks lovely anon

Hi:) so i just wanted to say that I also adore Chloë so much and way before I knew you do too I thought that you totally look like her. You are beautiful

this just made by day omg i wish thanks a lot x

God what I'd give for you to be mine

you can give me matthew gray gubler :-D